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Contribution Guidelines

Some University students are minors.
Be aware minors visit this site.
Keep it legal for them to keep coming.

If you want to stay anonymous, email one of our editors from a public email address, not your university address.
If you want someone from the press to contact you and possibly follow up with you in investigating and exposing the truth, you must include some way for us to contact you.
We can be a go between and keep you anonymous if you wish, tell us what you wish.
If you dare, email us from your university address.
If you dare name names. Be warned of the consequences from your family, your community, the university, other students, professors…
Consequences may include debt, shunning, isolation, anything else you can think of, and death. Be warned.
You can use pseudonyms (and try to stay anonymous) and your friends will know who you are talking about.
Anything you contribute becomes our property and we get to use it how we want, even making money from it, if we want.

Be aware everything gets hacked eventually. Everything gets exposed eventually. Everything you contribute here will eventually get connected back to you.
Find a way to stay anonymous and still expose the information.

Complaining, venting, exposing to the disinfectant of the light of day, can feel good. The real purpose is to find solutions and things that actually do work. And copy or spread the word.

At the bottom or end of your contribution, try to include:
What do you want to happen (in addition to what do you want not to happen. What is the opposite of your complaint?)
What is the opposite of the wrong you are exposing?

What is the right you want to have happen?

If you still want to contribute do so here: __________