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Are Universities Really Nonprofits?

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(Let’s compare top leadership salaries of the typical nonprofit with the university nonprofit)

How much does the Nonprofit Leadership make?

As of Jun 29, 2023, the average annual pay for a Nonprofit Leadership in the United States is $155,581 a year.

Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $74.80 an hour. This is the equivalent of $2,991/week or $12,965/month.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $288,500 and as low as $35,500, the majority of Nonprofit Leadership salaries currently range between $112,000 (25th percentile) to $196,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $241,500 annually across the United States. The average pay range for a Nonprofit Leadership varies greatly (by as much as $84,500), which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience.

Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the Nonprofit Leadership job market in both Big Rapids, MI and the surrounding area is very active. A Nonprofit Leadership in your area makes on average $156,889 per year, or $1 (0%) more than the national average annual salary of $155,581. Michigan ranks number 28 out of 50 states nationwide for Nonprofit Leadership salaries.

To estimate the most accurate annual salary range for Nonprofit Leadership jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America.

Find your next high paying job as a Nonprofit Leadership on ZipRecruiter today.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Nonprofit Leadership Jobs

We’ve identified 10 cities where the typical salary for a Nonprofit Leadership job is above the national average. Topping the list is New York City, NY, with Berkeley, CA and Bend, OR close behind in the second and third positions. Bend, OR beats the national average by $25,047 (16.1%), and New York City, NY furthers that trend with another $30,648 (19.7%) above the $155,581 average.

With these 10 cities having average salaries higher than the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Nonprofit Leadership appears to be exceedingly fruitful.

Finally, another factor to consider is the average salary for these top ten cities varies very little at 5% between New York City, NY and Clovis, NM, reinforcing the limited potential for much wage advancement. The possibility of a lower cost of living may be the best factor to use when considering location and salary for a Nonprofit Leadership role.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City, NY$186,229$15,519$3,581$89.53
Berkeley, CA$184,900$15,408$3,555$88.89
Bend, OR$180,628$15,052$3,473$86.84
Renton, WA$180,461$15,038$3,470$86.76
Merced, CA$179,596$14,966$3,453$86.34
Santa Monica, CA$179,495$14,957$3,451$86.30
Daly City, CA$178,769$14,897$3,437$85.95
San Mateo, CA$178,345$14,862$3,429$85.74
Boston, MA$176,513$14,709$3,394$84.86
Clovis, NM$175,734$14,644$3,379$84.49

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Nonprofit Leadership Jobs in the U.S.

We found a few related jobs that pay more than jobs in the Nonprofit Leadership category.

For example Nonprofit President jobs pay as much as $23,078 (14.8%) more than the average Nonprofit Leadership salary of $155,581.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Nonprofit President$178,659$14,888$3,435$85.89
Nonprofit Cfo$160,681$13,390$3,090$77.25
Chief Development Officer Non Profit$135,924$11,327$2,613$65.35
Sustainability Nonprofit$130,925$10,910$2,517$62.94
Nonprofit Finance Director$123,346$10,278$2,372$59.30

About Our Data

ZipRecruiter salary estimates, histograms, trends and comparisons are derived from both employer job postings and third party data sources.

How Much Are Public-College Presidents Paid?

Base pay, bonuses, and benefits for 196 chief executives at public doctoral universities and systems in 2021.

AUGUST 17, 2022

W. Randolph Woodson
W. Randolph Woodson 
North Carolina State University $2,298,069 (+175.5%)
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy *University of Colorado system $1,951,971 (+106.3%)
Michael L. Good
Michael L. Good *University of Utah $1,654,752 (N/A)
Renu Khator
Renu Khator University of Houston $1,511,893 (+23.1%)
Jay Hartzell
Jay Hartzell University of Texas at Austin $1,276,396 (+60.7%)
Jeffrey P. Gold
Jeffrey P. Gold *University of Nebraska at Omaha $1,209,638 (+22.8%)
James P. Clements
James P. Clements Clemson University $1,202,687 (N/A)
W. Kent Fuchs
W. Kent Fuchs University of Florida $1,165,986 (-26.2%)
Eric J. Barron
Eric J. Barron Pennsylvania State University at University Park $1,157,506 (+0.7%)
Samuel L. Stanley Jr.
Samuel L. Stanley Jr. Michigan State University $1,151,258 (+53.5%)
Michael M. Crow
Michael M. Crow Arizona State University $1,143,548 (+4.0%)
Tedd L. MitchellTedd L. Mitchell Texas Tech University system$1,132,705(+4.0%)
Ted CarterTed Carter University of Nebraska system office$1,075,289(+11.3%)
Neeli BendapudiNeeli Bendapudi *University of Louisville$1,039,146(+37.4%)
Jay A. PermanJay A. Perman University System of Maryland$1,033,660(-3.0%)
Ana Mari CauceAna Mari Cauce University of Washington$1,015,743(+24.6%)
Brooks A. KeelBrooks A. Keel Augusta University$999,906(-0.2%)
Mitchell E. Daniels Jr.Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. Purdue University at West Lafayette$998,486(+3.8%)
John E. ThrasherJohn E. Thrasher *Florida State University$990,752(-23.6%)
Mark S. SchlisselMark S. Schlissel University of Michigan at Ann Arbor$954,448(+8.2%)
Michael H. SchillMichael H. Schill University of Oregon$952,450(+17.7%)
James B. MillikenJames B. Milliken University of Texas system$950,036(+0.8%)
F. King AlexanderF. King Alexander *Oregon State University$942,658(+173.1%)
Susan ColeSusan Cole *Montclair State University$937,488(N/A)
Mark B. RosenbergMark B. Rosenberg Florida International University$919,813(+16.9%)
Joel S. BloomJoel S. Bloom New Jersey Institute of Technology$912,385(N/A)
E. Gordon GeeE. Gordon Gee West Virginia University$904,653(-2.8%)
Alexander CartwrightAlexander Cartwright University of Central Florida$894,945(+22.7%)
Martin T. MeehanMartin T. Meehan University of Massachusetts system$877,314(+17.0%)
M. David RuddM. David Rudd University of Memphis$874,231(+20.7%)
Andrew AgwunobiAndrew Agwunobi *University of Connecticut$847,959(N/A)
Timothy L. KilleenTimothy L. Killeen University of Illinois system$846,256(N/A)
Mark E. KeenumMark E. Keenum Mississippi State University$840,687(+0.1%)
Eli CapiloutoEli Capilouto University of Kentucky$830,635(-53.1%)
Guy H. BaileyGuy H. Bailey University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley$829,438(+28.8%)
Ali A. HoushmandAli A. Houshmand Rowan University$820,075(+3.2%)
Lawrence SchovanecLawrence Schovanec Texas Tech University$816,316(+17.1%)
Glenn F. BoyceGlenn F. Boyce University of Mississippi$810,768(+3.9%)
Gregory WashingtonGregory Washington George Mason University$807,062(+87.9%)
Katherine A. RoweKatherine A. Rowe College of William & Mary$803,407(+24.3%)
Lesa B. RoeLesa B. Roe University of North Texas system$802,722(+4.7%)
Satish K. TripathiSatish K. Tripathi University at Buffalo$794,629(+1.1%)
Jacqueline MoloneyJacqueline Moloney University of Massachusetts at Lowell$789,299(+59.5%)
Michael RaoMichael Rao Virginia Commonwealth University$773,558(+1.6%)
Anthony A. FrankAnthony A. Frank Colorado State University system office$751,612(+42.6%)
Robert J. JonesRobert J. Jones University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign$751,109(N/A)
Rodney RogersRodney Rogers Bowling Green State University, Main Campus$744,043(+21.8%)
Darryll PinesDarryll Pines University of Maryland at College Park$736,355(+26.6%)
Joseph I. CastroJoseph I. Castro *California State University system$732,384(+90.4%)
Timothy D. SandsTimothy D. Sands Virginia Tech$714,538(+8.7%)
Jose Luis Cruz-RiveraJose Luis Cruz-Rivera *Northern Arizona University$705,783(N/A)
Richard MyersRichard Myers Kansas State University$701,886(+1.3%)
Donde PlowmanDonde Plowman University of Tennessee at Knoxville$695,316(+12.0%)
Joan T.A. GabelJoan T.A. Gabel University of Minnesota-Twin Cities$695,166(N/A)
Rita ChengRita Cheng *Northern Arizona University$693,526(+5.9%)
M. Roy WilsonM. Roy Wilson Wayne State University$692,794(-22.4%)
Jere W. MoreheadJere W. Morehead University of Georgia$692,371(-6.9%)
Sharon L. GaberSharon L. Gaber University of North Carolina at Charlotte$685,016(+8.9%)
M. Duane NellisM. Duane Nellis *Ohio University$679,534(+23.8%)
Richard C. BensonRichard C. Benson University of Texas at Dallas$673,636(-0.9%)
Doug A. GirodDoug A. Girod University of Kansas$670,430(-8.5%)
Mun ChoiMun Choi University of Missouri at Columbia$664,857(-10.5%)
Joyce Ellen McConnellJoyce Ellen McConnell Colorado State University at Fort Collins$659,781(+1.7%)
Kayse ShrumKayse Shrum *Oklahoma State University at Stillwater$656,535(N/A)
Kumble R. SubbaswamyKumble R. Subbaswamy University of Massachusetts at Amherst$655,416(+26.0%)
Rebecca M. BlankRebecca M. Blank University of Wisconsin at Madison$655,318(+8.6%)
Marcelo Suárez-OrozcoMarcelo Suárez-Orozco University of Massachusetts at Boston$644,563(+199.6%)
Todd SalimanTodd Saliman *University of Colorado system$640,947(N/A)
Ronnie D. GreenRonnie D. Green University of Nebraska at Lincoln$638,014(+27.0%)
Todd DiaconTodd Diacon Kent State University at Kent$637,769(-0.1%)
Kirk H. SchulzKirk H. Schulz Washington State University$636,490(-40.6%)
Havidan RodriguezHavidan Rodriguez University at Albany$634,553(+1.3%)
Denise TrauthDenise Trauth Texas State University$631,977(+5.9%)
Taylor RandallTaylor Randall *University of Utah$631,126(N/A)
Kevin M. GuskiewiczKevin M. Guskiewicz University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill$626,117(-0.6%)
Neal J. SmatreskNeal J. Smatresk University of North Texas$624,458(+3.0%)
Michael Dimitrios AmiridisMichael Dimitrios Amiridis University of Illinois at Chicago$607,950(N/A)
Wendy WintersteenWendy Wintersteen Iowa State University$597,094(-36.6%)
James Warren DeanJames Warren Dean University of New Hampshire$596,815(+21.3%)
David WilsonDavid Wilson Morgan State University$591,940(N/A)
Thomas Taylor EighmyThomas Taylor Eighmy University of Texas at San Antonio$591,420(+4.3%)
Harvey StengerHarvey Stenger Binghamton University$575,000(0.0%)
Freeman A. Hrabowski IIIFreeman A. Hrabowski III University of Maryland-Baltimore County$568,360(-7.3%)
Paul C. JohnsonPaul C. Johnson Colorado School of Mines$556,771(+3.9%)
Devinder MalhotraDevinder Malhotra Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system$556,681(+5.1%)
Alisa Renae WhiteAlisa Renae White Sam Houston State University$555,900(+161.6%)
David L. EislerDavid L. Eisler Ferris State University$554,287(+1.6%)
James B. HendersonJames B. Henderson University of Louisiana system$551,312(+9.6%)
David M. SzymanskiDavid M. Szymanski *University of North Florida$550,669(-23.9%)
Thomas C. KatsouleasThomas C. Katsouleas *University of Connecticut$548,830(-12.4%)
Mark FullerMark Fuller *University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth$547,401(N/A)
Tommy ThompsonTommy Thompson University of Wisconsin system$545,486(+166.9%)
Ashish VaidyaAshish Vaidya Northern Kentucky University$544,096(-2.5%)
Mohammad DehghaniMohammad Dehghani University of Missouri system$538,577(+21.2%)
Ora Hirsch PescovitzOra Hirsch Pescovitz Oakland University$537,969(+16.0%)
Todd J. LeachTodd J. Leach *University System of New Hampshire$536,381(+34.0%)
Gary L. MillerGary L. Miller University of Akron$533,882(+4.9%)
Joseph HarrozJoseph Harroz University of Oklahoma at Norman$531,760(+7.1%)
Franklin D. Gilliam Jr.Franklin D. Gilliam Jr. University of North Carolina at Greensboro$531,344(N/A)
Lisa FreemanLisa Freeman Northern Illinois University$525,987(+16.4%)
Carine M. FeytenCarine M. Feyten Texas Woman’s University$523,002(-12.2%)
Donald R. BobbittDonald R. Bobbitt University of Arkansas system$522,769(N/A)
Heather A. WilsonHeather A. Wilson University of Texas at El Paso$520,915(+2.2%)
Charles L. WelchCharles L. Welch Arkansas State University system$515,256(+23.1%)
James MalatrasJames Malatras State University of New York system$514,782(+52.3%)
Philip DiStefanoPhilip DiStefano University of Colorado at Boulder$514,291(+0.6%)
Edward MontgomeryEdward Montgomery Western Michigan University$511,660(+11.6%)
Stephen PercyStephen Percy Portland State University$506,184(+17.5%)
Joan Ferrini-MundyJoan Ferrini-Mundy University of Maine at Orono$502,345(+1.3%)
Waded CruzadoWaded Cruzado Montana State University at Bozeman$501,408(+2.3%)
Teik C. LimTeik C. Lim University of Texas at Arlington$500,460(+2.0%)
Rebecca JohnsonRebecca Johnson *Oregon State University$500,260(N/A)
Marlene TrompMarlene Tromp Boise State University$497,419(+5.4%)
Dannel P. MalloyDannel P. Malloy University of Maine system office$496,875(+12.9%)
Chandra Mauli AgrawalChandra Mauli Agrawal University of Missouri at Kansas City$495,347(+12.7%)
Larry RobinsonLarry Robinson Florida A&M University$488,119(N/A)
Kyle L. MarreroKyle L. Marrero Georgia Southern University$487,866(+0.4%)
Timothy P. WhiteTimothy P. White *California State University system$486,587(-20.8%)
Thomas C. Galligan Jr.Thomas C. Galligan Jr. *Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge$483,741(-20.3%)
Susan EdwardsSusan Edwards Wright State University$483,436(+0.8%)
Adela Irene de la TorreAdela Irene de la Torre San Diego State University$479,628(+0.1%)
John JunkinsJohn Junkins *Texas A&M University at College Station$477,402(N/A)
Hugh D. ShermanHugh D. Sherman *Ohio University$477,266(N/A)
Harry Edward SeidelHarry Edward Seidel University of Wyoming$473,951(+82.6%)
Sidney A. McPheeSidney A. McPhee Middle Tennessee State University$473,046(+6.7%)
Margaret Katherine BanksMargaret Katherine Banks *Texas A&M University at College Station$472,943(N/A)
Nancy CantorNancy Cantor Rutgers University at Newark$467,907(N/A)
Daniel MahonyDaniel Mahony Southern Illinois University system office$467,818(+27.7%)
Andrew FeinsteinAndrew Feinstein University of Northern Colorado$466,314(N/A)
Noelle E. CockettNoelle E. Cockett Utah State University$465,378(+1.7%)
Mark J. RudinMark J. Rudin Texas A&M University at Commerce$464,195(+19.7%)
V. Burns HargisV. Burns Hargis *Oklahoma State University at Stillwater$463,503(-31.1%)
Kenneth HuewittKenneth Huewitt *Texas Southern University$460,106(+8.2%)
Francine ConwayFrancine Conway Rutgers University at New Brunswick$459,251(N/A)
Venkat ReddyVenkat Reddy University of Colorado at Colorado Springs$456,298(+17.4%)
Richard D. MumaRichard D. Muma Wichita State University$454,728(+44.8%)
Daniel GreensteinDaniel Greenstein Pennsylvania State system$454,727(-7.7%)
Michelle MarksMichelle Marks University of Colorado at Denver$450,730(N/A)
David M. DooleyDavid M. Dooley *University of Rhode Island$450,499(-2.3%)
Kelly DamphousseKelly Damphousse Arkansas State University at Jonesboro$448,464(+1.4%)
Brian E. NolandBrian E. Noland East Tennessee State University$446,230(-3.7%)
Dean L. BrescianiDean L. Bresciani North Dakota State University$443,096(+5.3%)
Kristin SobolikKristin Sobolik University of Missouri at St. Louis$442,307(+11.9%)
Michael Allan DriscollMichael Allan Driscoll Indiana University of Pennsylvania$437,734(+4.5%)
Andrew ArmacostAndrew Armacost University of North Dakota$433,762(+63.7%)
Vince BoudreauVince Boudreau City College of New York$430,000(N/A)
Peter D. HansPeter D. Hans University of North Carolina system$428,239(+143.5%)
Deba DuttaDeba Dutta University of Michigan at Flint$428,000(N/A)
Houston DavisHouston Davis University of Central Arkansas$426,450(+1.8%)
Mark MoneMark Mone University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee$423,111(N/A)
William F. Tate IVWilliam F. Tate IV *Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge$423,008(N/A)
Philip OldhamPhilip Oldham Tennessee Technological University$422,661(+15.4%)
Kathy SchwaigKathy Schwaig *Kennesaw State University$422,583(N/A)
Ruth WatkinsRuth Watkins *University of Utah$422,205(-41.9%)
Edward FeserEdward Feser *Oregon State University$417,848(N/A)
Sheila K. GestringSheila K. Gestring University of South Dakota$415,518(+2.5%)
Barry H. DunnBarry H. Dunn South Dakota State University$407,377(+0.9%)
Larry DietzLarry Dietz *Illinois State University$406,793(-23.9%)
Brendan B. KellyBrendan B. Kelly University of West Georgia$404,835(+23.9%)
Kevin D. SatterleeKevin D. Satterlee Idaho State University$402,111(-0.6%)
David LassnerDavid Lassner University of Hawaii-Manoa$398,916(0.0%)
Leslie K. GuiceLeslie K. Guice Louisiana Tech University$396,859(+2.7%)
Teresa A. MacCartneyTeresa A. MacCartney *University System of Georgia$396,262(N/A)
Jose V. SartarelliJose V. Sartarelli University of North Carolina at Wilmington$392,589(N/A)
E. Joseph SavoieE. Joseph Savoie University of Louisiana at Lafayette$392,060(+0.1%)
Steven AngleSteven Angle University of Tennessee at Chattanooga$386,190(+2.6%)
Antonio TillisAntonio Tillis *Rutgers University at Camden$384,375(N/A)
Lori GonzalezLori Gonzalez *University of Louisville$382,966(N/A)
Saul Jimenez-SandovalSaul Jimenez-Sandoval *California State University at Fresno$376,302(N/A)
Deborah J. CurtisDeborah J. Curtis Indiana State University$373,211(+0.4%)
Christina DraleChristina Drale University of Arkansas at Little Rock$361,862(-0.9%)
Alfred Rankins Jr.Alfred Rankins Jr. Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning, Board of Trustees$358,312(0.0%)
Seth BodnarSeth Bodnar University of Montana at Missoula$356,502(+3.2%)
Virginia 'Ginny' ArthurVirginia ‘Ginny’ Arthur Metropolitan State University$352,358(+2.2%)
Richard CarvajalRichard Carvajal Valdosta State University$347,195(-8.0%)
Austin LaneAustin Lane Southern Illinois University at Carbondale$345,954(-66.8%)
John ArnoldJohn Arnold Arizona Board of Regents$345,895(-0.7%)
Pamela WhittenPamela Whitten *Kennesaw State University$342,458(-39.9%)
Steve WrigleySteve Wrigley *University System of Georgia$341,833(-37.6%)
Philip RogersPhilip Rogers *East Carolina University$337,021(N/A)
Mark PrebleMark Preble *University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth$320,524(+16.2%)
Richard McCulloughRichard McCullough *Florida State University$320,090(N/A)
Ronald L. MitchelsonRonald L. Mitchelson *East Carolina University$313,181(-3.6%)
Joanne LiJoanne Li *University of Nebraska at Omaha$305,232(N/A)
Ronald L. BerryRonald L. Berry University of Louisiana at Monroe$293,430(+232.9%)
Heidi M. AndersonHeidi M. Anderson University of Maryland Eastern Shore$288,709(N/A)
John KellerJohn Keller *University of Iowa$284,848(N/A)
Barbara WilsonBarbara Wilson *University of Iowa$248,495(N/A)
James Bruce HarreldJames Bruce Harreld *University of Iowa$246,559(-54.0%)
Terri KinzyTerri Kinzy *Illinois State University$236,718(N/A)
Marc B. ParlangeMarc B. Parlange *University of Rhode Island$228,333(N/A)
Sophie ZdatnySophie Zdatny Vermont State Colleges system$224,623(+14.6%)
Jonathan KoppellJonathan Koppell *Montclair State University$204,487(N/A)
Lesia Crumpton-YoungLesia Crumpton-Young *Texas Southern University$161,103(N/A)
Pamela Sue ChallyPamela Sue Chally *University of North Florida$110,648(N/A)
Joseph I. CastroJoseph I. Castro *California State University at Fresno$95,093(-75.3%)
Randy BoydRandy Boyd University of Tennessee system$25,233(+11.5%)

How much does the president of the University of Tennessee make?

As UT enters its “greatest decade” according to UT System President Randy Boyd,
Chancellor Donde Plowman will be receiving a $160,000 raise, authorized by Boyd as compensation for her performance. The raise will increase her annual salary to $820,000 beginning July 1.May 12, 2022

Trustees approved Boyd serving in the position up to June 30, 2025. He will continue to serve without a salary. He will receive $10,000 per year to cover state health insurance costs.

Boyd is the founder and chairman of Radio Systems Corp., a Knoxville-based business. He also serves as chairman of Boyd Sports and is the owner of the Tennessee Smokies, Johnson City Cardinals, Greeneville Reds and Elizabethton Twins.

‘I am dumbfounded’: Chancellor Plowman’s $160000 raise sharpens …

utdailybeacon.com › administration › i-am-…


Data here may vary from what appeared in print, due to updates and corrections received after publication.

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