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Is College a Scam?

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Your thoughts? Is it a scam or a value added resource or a life changing opportunity? All 3?

Worth the cost? Not worth the cost?

Give us and others your thoughts and feedback.

In many societies, the ultimate goal for children once they graduate from high school is to continue on to a college education. Many feel that with a degree, young adults will be much more prepared for their future, having the ability to lock down a secure and stable job that will allow them to live a comfortable life thereafter. But is college a reasonable investment in this day and age? Many people are wondering if college is a scam, based on the high cost of tuition. And, if it is a scam, what are your alternatives?

Is A College Education Worth It Or Is College A Scam?
As tuition costs (especially in the United States) have gone up exponentially, and as it’s getting harder and harder for young people to find a well-paying job even with their degree, many are starting to question whether or not college in the United States is worth it or not.

Is college one of the biggest financial scams in the world, or is it still a stepping stone on a journey towards a reliable and stable future? Or, can it be both? And are there any alternatives? Let’s dig in to find out all the facts.

Give us and others your thoughts and feedback.

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