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360,000 People Were Born Yesterday

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NEW YORK – In what analysts called “the most important economic metric that exists,” 360,000 people were born yesterday, 78% of whom are expected to survive into late adulthood. Most will grow up to become productive, working members of their societies.

Subtracting the 150,000 global deaths reported during the day, economists said there were a net 210,000 new humans on the planet Tuesday. Amid news that three-quarters of the world now lives in a free or mostly free political state, at least 100,000 new humans entered the world on Tuesday who will be given the opportunity to learn the accumulated lessons and knowledge of the 100 billion people who came before them. Read the rest here:

by Morgan Housel

My brain thinks, “6 years from now, we will need 8,400 new teachers a day. In 17 years, we will need 8,400 new college professors a day.”
OR, we need AI to step up and teach our children for us, because we apparently don’t want to do it ourselves.

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