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Another angry student…

Had a bad conference call this morning with a student and their advisor. The student is fresh out of high school, with a helicopter mama. The student ranted, yelled, cried, and accused me of being the worst prof ever and writing such vague, useless assignments that no one in their family could understand them (it’s a pre-made course created by our department), and accused me of being completely unhelpful, not answering questions, etc. (I have emails for all our interactions up to this phone call, also, the student has asked one question so far this semester)…

Anyone else dealing with this?

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Another angry professor

Awful Thermo Prof…is this normal?
I am a sophomore ChemE taking thermodynamics. The course content is super fun, but the professor treats the entire class horribly (I truly think however that she has something against me specifically). Last week, I asked a question about an example problem we were working on individually (entropy balances) and she told me I had done it incorrectly (not unexpected lol). I then asked what equation I should focus my math on and she started yelling at me in front of the class, asking over and over what equation I should use. After I said “I really don’t know”, she pulled my notebook out from under my hand and started flipping through it, ripping one of the pages in the process. She then pointed at an equation and said “there, use that one”. I said “thanks, I’ll be sure to memorize it”. A couple days later we were working on problems in class and she asked me kind of sarcastically “what are you working on” (I assume she was hoping I was doing something wrong) and seemed mad when I said the correct approach. My question for you all is if this is normal for ChemE profs? I have never had another prof act like this, but she her attitude makes me feel really stupid and that maybe I am not smart enough to be a ChemE.

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